Healthcare – part 3, access.

If you believe insurance companies are backing out of Obamacare because they cannot afford to cover, do you also believe that they would cover everything if only they were able to grow their profit margin? Because in my experience as someone who has paid for my own healthcare for nearly 2 decades, faced an illness when not having health insurance and then as a person who bills insurance for health services I provide, that is not true. I’ve seen the human cost of ‘downside’ of meeting lifetime caps for lifelong ailments like Cerebral Palsy and Autism as well as denial of cochlear implants for hearing impaired children. Unless there is a government mandate, the private industry is not quick to do what’s right. The private industry does have innovative clout (which maybe or may not be government subsidized).

We need private industry and government to work hand in hand because there is a lot in healthcare that needs to be improved. But in this fight between ideological yaysayers and naysayers who keep shouting ‘repeal and replace’ and ‘save Obamacare’ we are forgetting that what this sloganeering is doing. For a fast solution, we are allowing our elected officials to simplify the problem of cost by cutting off access and allowing them to not deal the big, complicated human health aspect.

The issue immediately at hand is Medicaid expansion. What Obamacare did was give access to healthcare to a layer of people (14 million) who made a little more than what people who qualify for Medicaid generally do.  And that got a lot of not quite rich people riled up. Because not quite poor people got help and they didn’t AND they had to pay more for it. Okay, so what is the solution? To take away help or to think of distributing that help evenly and in a fairer manner.

The underlying divide here is always between ideological notion of living life with ‘virtue’ that apparently allows one to stand on one’s own feet vs allowing governement to give a helping help to those in need, who apparently got there because they couldn’t control their own lives. Eg. during the AIDS crisis, one group shouted from rooftops that abstinence for homosexuals was better for their souls and bodies vs actually getting medications and support. Ofcourse it was condoms and research into medications that got us a step ahead of the AIDS crisis, not preaching about unrealistic denial of identity. Similarly the issue that is grinding gears right now is access to help for heroine and opioid addiction in exactly that group of people that benefit from Medicaid expansion. Why should my tax dollars help someone get out of the addiction cycle, actually get custody of their children and go on to making a living for themselves with a little help from collective us? Probably the same reason why my tax dollars should help disabled children who grow into adults get rides to and from grocery store. And the same reason my tax dollars should help someone get childcare so she can continue going to the 2nd job that she needs to make ends meet, so I can then eat my fries, if not have them too.

It is the almost poor we are not wanting to help because we are not almost rich. But who is getting rich here? And how can we change that? It is not a brick and mortar building on fire that the insurance company is paying for or the metal box that gets into an accident now and then. Our health is significantly more difficult to quantify and unless you have recently been to a doctor, you really don’t know how expensive it is to see one. Your insurance premium only reflects what is wrong with the entire system, not just the healthcare law. We should be voting for people working towards doing something about entire system which includes CARE, not just cutting access for those that use and need it the most. Why are we buying into this political ideology of private industry profit over tax dollar funded access. We want to live in a world where “job creators” can get their complaints about feeling the pinch heard but the minimum wage workers should just accept destiny and give up access? What about their share in running the economy? How do you like your fries now?




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