Letter to my convervative friend on global relations

I am hyperventilating about our situation again, like millions of people in America. I feel like I need to share more of what I am thinking so that you can peak into my bubble and know why I am so anxious.

What I have gathered thus far from all of my conservative colleagues (but 2) is that they didn’t like Hillary’s money connections, emails and Libya. But more than anything, they were never going to vote for a pro choice candidate, no matter how ugly that person was. Trump’s numerous money connections and corrupted practices in construction  (where he has blatantly used illegal immigrants or made them illegal by making them outstay their visas and underpay them), fake charity, fake university and his slew of insults to women (dismissed as locker room talk), Muslims and Mexicans didn’t bother many of my colleagues as much as it bothered me.

I understand the Christian right issues are important to a vast majority of suburban people and I accept that I will not understand how they take precedence over those of living people –  taking funding away from childbirth and gynecological services from countries where women are gangraped and often die in childbirth and countries where contraception is only available through NGO clinics as there is no infrastructure for distribution of drugs or pharmacies. But I can accept that this is what is.

I will go straight to the point you make when I ask you what makes you feel better about Trump presidency –  that you think American relationships with the world will now be better. Which countries you think will be better off with Trump as President? Syria? Israel?

I know friends in Australia (in media, journalism and art industry) – Australians overthrew 3 of extremely racist Presidents and are working hard to remove racism and violence from their culture. They are all deeply disappointed that US made this choice.

I know friends in London, Germany who are deeply disappointed because Trump’s win gives boost to nationalistic populist leaders who will close borders and raise anti-immigrant sentiment, more immediately in France with Marine LePen in the running and later in mid-Europe countries.

I know friends in India who are very wary of what Trump said to Pakistan whereas for years US has supported India. Both countries have nuclear weapons and India counted on US to help keep Pakistan in check.

I know friends in Dubai and Riyadh – the only people happy with Trump are the ones that have money involved in construction and oil. Obama had worked hard with reparations to improve relationships after the wrong war and things were getting better. even with the Iran deal, they were not suspicious of American intentions and were open to change in dynamics. But now the new dynamics will be based on exchange of money and oil, like 2 decades ago. It’s not a progressive change.

I know a friend in Sudan – infact an American friend from Nebraska who is traveling the world teaching English who is dating this wonderful Sudanese woman is not sure he can return to US because of Trump’s views on Muslims and his recent executive order stopping immigration from those 7 Muslim countries.

I know friends in Singapore who were very happy with ease of business banking that was growing last 5 years and wanted more.

I have friends in Sweden that work in human rights and refugee resettlement who have shared concerns over his idea of creating of blackspaces in other countries where US can use torture even if the governments of those countries outlaw it. America accepts the least amount of refugees anyway and now there is an imminent halt.

The only country I know of who is happy with him is Russia. Putin has said “no such thing as peeing on the bed could have occurred because our prostitutes are the best” . He is waiting for sanctions placed on him by US after Ukraine to be taken off by this foolish person who is now President. He wants US to help Assad with Syria and then loose the sanctions in return so that his economy can prosper.

I understand that not everyone who voted for Trump is a racist. But by giving a bigot and a racist power, American’s gave immigrants like me a clear message, we are outsiders and we are not welcome. A dear friend of mine sat across table from me and said it’s ok that Trump is racist (because racism takes time to go away and it will be a few decades before we can overcome it completely) and that everyone coming to America should adjust to American customs, that true born Americans shouldn’t have to worry about learning about other people’s culture. It has suddenly become ok to be openly be a racist because, hey, so is the President.

I am worried that with Keystone pipeline our environment and economy will take a big hit in the long run – short term jobs and long term raping of our earth is something people expect from short sighted politicians, not someone as powerful as President of United States.

I am worried that selling national parks and Indian lands to oil companies is a short cut to nothing but money for the rich and slowing down of clean energy industry.

I am worried that putting gag orders on press for national parks, for EPA, for USDA sets a bad precedence – media has not been at their best but generalizing by repeatedly calling media “dishonest” is really eroding a check/balance. TV, newspaper media is bought by millionaires who put him there in the first place. Reform is necessary but not destruction.

I am worried that taking off pages on global warming from government sites is a bad trend – walking away from progress made in science.

I am very worried about “alternative facts” and lack of trust in science, cutting of funding from arts and science and giving public funding to private enterprises.

I am worried for my LGBTQ friends – if their partner dies or is hospitalized, they should have equal medical and legal rights, and safety.

I think ripping off TPP was a bad idea – it was probably going to take away jobs in the short term but what it would have given US was an upper hand in infrastructure, a say in how taxes and levys would be applied at various ports for the next decade in the changing global economy. In the vacuum now created, China will probably get the upper hand.

NAFTA needed to be readjusted. But making a neighboring country more poor only leads to more illegal immigration. I live in Mumbai, financial capital of India and for atleast 3 decades, there is a ‘get out of Mumbai if you are not born in Mumbai’ movement because people from all surrounding states, let alone cities come to Mumbai dreaming a better life for their children. Where does the anti-immigrant rhetoric end?

And Godwin principle be invoked but here goes – I am really worried that we haven’t learnt a thing from history. Hitler was elected because he said Jews/outsiders were taking away our jobs and true born Aryans deserve better life – within 2 years it was ‘lets not mingle our blood lines’ (which is very much what racism against black people is about) to let’s kill all jews.

The idea of sending Feds to a Chicago to control crime? My parents lived through military rule and authoritarian rule when our prime minister, in a healthy democracy, declared emergency giving her all the power for 21 months. Can you imagine Trump with all the power? That has now happened in Turkey in a span of less than 4 years – with Russia’s help.

I understand fiscal conservativism, Christian right principles, trust in free markets and private industry. I do think a balance betn democratic and republican principles is obtained by passing power back and forth every few years. But I think this time Americans acted in a very short sighted manner because they got innured by a buffoon and bamboozled by press that didn’t do any favors to the other candidate by keeping the camera on the shit show of Trump and emails of Hillary.

Too little is to be gained by this change in power and too much is at stake.

I will never fully understand you strong dislike of Obama but I accept it easily because it is now decidedly past history. But he loved this country and was not a narcissitic plutocrat. From a deep recession he oversaw rebuilding America into an almost decent economy and now a snake oil salesman, by calling life in America “carnage” will happily either take credit for his predecessors work at best or at worse, alter it permanently.

So, I ask again, sincerely, why are you feeling better about this? how? show me please.


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