too big? too small?

Am so sick of this people debating ‘big government/ small government’ basing the whole argument on their very narrow viewpoint of their very small lives. Maybe it is a Midwest thing or life in suburbs. Or maybe as a small business owner, it is the kind of people I come across. If it suits their purpose and helps them rake in some money, they are all sloganeering for less regulations “keep government out of my business” and if they are cheated or deprived of business by a bigger corporation or a bully, it’s all “why is the government not doing enough to protect my freedoms and right to astounding privileges”. Flipfloppers. It is no wonder that most people elected by these flipfloppers end up flip flopping at best, incapable of compromise or sacrifice, speechifying in grandiloquence of rhetorics with no concrete plans at hand. Their narrow perspective is confounding. How on earth are they going to relate to the meet-in-the-middle pragmatics of President Obama?  From the Housing reforms to banking and lending reforms to foreign policy – everything has long term in mind. Where is the ‘unnecessary and crippling meddling’ of the Government ?  show me one item on that Obama list of Accomplishments thus far that has made your life worse.

But no, we would all like our elected representatives to personally take care of our every little problem without really meddling into our affairs. Sometimes I wonder why am I not joining the other side – Hey Obama, under your administration, I have been single, gluten sensitive and working 2 jobs because the fantastic State of Il is so broke, it should be panhandling – find me a date, cheap gluten free food and adopt Illinois – but don’t cramp my style with your overreaching arms.

There have been thousands of “wise men” who have said the world is WAY bigger than we are. I wish this perspective was shared everyday with every child in every family so that “big” and “small” is properly defined and not left to the whims of flipfloppers.

We allow a Church in altogether a different country  meddle in our day to day life every breathing moment, the US government is never going to be bigger than that! (God-willing!)

Pay more taxes so that your “rights” are upheld and vote for sensible regulations so that inconveniences get in the way of greedy people taking advantage of you. Vote for better education, better global opportunities, fair immigration, better healthcare and shared responsibility. Not someone who wants to steer this country as though it was a corporation or a household. It is not and never should be treated as one. It is a government, it is way bigger than a corporation or a household and has completely different responsibilities. It actually has to spend when we cannot and it gets to save when we can spend.  If it wasn’t that complicated, my uncle would have been the Best President Ever.


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3 Responses to too big? too small?

  1. mblityctxt says:

    Nice Articulated thoughts!!!

  2. YRS says:

    perhaps the famous British poster should read – stay calm and get a perspective! Does it come natural to look at both sides of the argument? perhaps with some time and/or pondering that could come about. I assume the forefathers had that in mind essentially creating a left and a right wing – hoping that a middle ground could be reached. Flipping or wiggling or sliding towards the center required! We need a digital assistant like Siri to read our thoughts (google search) and give us some perspective. Well that perhaps a good app idea- named – alter ego!

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