Healthcare for all – part 2

I find it so hypocritical when people who have utilized government benefits –  even FOUGHT HARD for those very benefits, wanting to vote Republican. I don’t have a problem with people whose political inclination has been truly Republican and that has been the voting history of their family for generations. But for people who have children with special needs, especially this year, all of that should change. There is so much venom out there, so much misrepresentation and spinning of ideas that it is hard to understand what your representative really stands for. So, in a faltering economy, we need to be thankful that we are not in a double dip recession like other European countries, not mired in crime with lawlessness like our southern neighbors. We have an administration that cares. The current administration has a ‘work in progress’ sign put up and a long, long way to go. Give them 4 more years.

But I digress. I want to make a point today only and only about healthcare and special needs community. I cannot understand why we do not want people to benefit from having their unemployed children covered way into adulthood. I do not understand why the special needs community is not jumping up and down with glee, now that the pre-existing condition clause has become history, they not have to wait 6 months before coverage “may” resume with the next plan they have to sign up for because of changes in their work situation.  I cannot understand how it is not an outright reason to celebrate the removal of arbitrary ‘annual caps’ for many, many treatment costs.

One reason, I partly understand, the premiums have gone through the roof – but so has overall cost of healthcare – (shameless plug to my earlier blog on Affordability) -atleast now coverage is ensured.

I implore my special needs community to come together and fight for healthcare for all. Your children were taken care of by the system. Yes, some providers came through and some didn’t, some systems work better than the others – but all of that is incidental and not in anyone’s control as you would think it should be.  The Federal mandate resulted in that therapist or counselor ringing your doorbell. The Federal job is to lay the law, the State’s job is to facilitate and manage that law into action. And your job is to take advantage of it and be grateful someone is on your side. So how come you don’t see that this ‘healthcare for all’ mandate is ON YOUR SIDE. How come you are fighting for government to leave you alone?

How, if you have seen the State pay your bills week after week, do you not understand that we do need a society where it’s weak and vulnerable are taken care of? Do you think you could have gone out and been able to procure and access all medical and therapeutic support on your own if there were no mandates on the community to help you out? It is NEVER as simple as keeping costs down/spending on necessary programs and needing a big/small government.  Who decides what is important and for whom? Lets face it, we do not live in a world where everyone lives a ‘pious’ life and will pitch in their share. That is Utopia. In this for-profit world, we need mandates. Look how far your family has come from the help that you got because the Government laid down the law and the money. Then look beyond your family, your social circle, your town, your state and see how much more work is needed to create that society that you want your child to live in.  Vote for the person and party that want something as basic as healthcare, for all.

 Say YES to Affordable Healthcare Act. Vote Democrat this year.


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2 Responses to Healthcare for all – part 2

  1. Preeti P says:

    I can understand your passion but with the trillions of debt that the government already has, its just questionable how they intend to pay for the healthcare reforms- if there was a clear idea I would feel more comfortable whole heartedly supporting the reforms.Some kind of change is definitely long overdue though. If I have to think just through my heart I wholeheartedly support the reforms!!

  2. ami says:

    For now the mandate is tied into the private insurance route. This is why we need an increase in taxes on the richest, not a tax break. Same goes for bigger corporations. Funding for healthcare is a moral as well as a social issue. The amount of money that is pumped into defense or special interests could easily be diverted and the budget adjusted. And a fed mandate will eventually work on bringing the overall cost of healthcare down – which is the biggest of the issues really. This is about voting for ‘yay-savers’ not the ‘nay-sayers’ – who actually don’t even have a plan

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