Epidemic of lousy fathers?

A lot of kids 10 years from now are going to remember that their dads sexted, whored, cheated on their moms or worse – left their moms when they were pregnant with them for a younger / hotter non-mom. Oh what fun they are going to be for the psychiatrists and for their future dates.

 How does one look up to anyone or anything after having gone through that kind of humiliation as a child? I suppose you just never fully understand concepts like respect or admiration or feel the security. In some cases, if mother figure proves to be too strong, the child is most likely going to suffer from ‘mama’s boy/girl-dom’. Yep, future dating gold. (That, you see, is my only real problem with all of these penis -sharing people)

If anything is anarchy (David Tyree) this is. Not same sex marriage. I believe where there is love, true love, there is a sense of responsibility. No amount of power should ever overrule that of love.

The amount of airtime cheating Congressmen and Senators get these days or for that matter train wreck celebs and athletes and just generally everyone who has an obvious inclination to large scale cheating, is mindboggling compared to that of the consequence the ‘penis photo passers’ faces. Time magazine had an article on why men act like pigs – in which there was a whole page explaining why power gets to some these men’s heads. That and that they mostly do this because of too much testosterone. Really?  This kind of publicity is obviously, no longer humiliation.  Or people would have learnt a lesson the first time MMS and phone msgs were “intercepted”. What really are the consequences of private wrongdoings in public? It is having to say “deeply or profoundly sorry” in a press conference, in most cases, and maybe moving over to a more glamorous job.  Look at Spitzer and his successful gig following his resignation. Has there been any book written on “how hard it was to recover the trust of my son after I sexted”?  

Lets leave Arnold alone, let Maria deal with him privately. I want to hear more about the real families, that chose to stick together or dad’s that really do make the choice of doing what’s right by their family – not just the crazy ones shown on sitcoms or shows like Big Love. it is good to have a family, it is important to have a family, it is nice to have a family and most importantly, it is a privilege to have a family.

I wish there were more stories published about the role model dads. For that matter I wish there were more stories of real love and family and friendships that last and last. But I suppose that wouldn’t make any “headline-ish” news or be  “ticker tape-worthy”  a story. Where are the movies on endurance? And responsibility and the reward that family life is. Why is it that mass media is so single mindedly focused on the “stresses of having children” “juggling your career and being a parent” and “how difficult is the life of a parent”. I think, by now, we all know and fully understand how hard all of these things are. But really, it is time to say, suck it, grow up, do your job as a family member, it is what your parents did and their parents before them. That’s why you exist in the first place. 

Ironically the only people who talk about family values are insurance companies,  pharmaceuticals and real estate people who mostly want to make money off the concept of health and family. “protect your family” “don’t let your children get dirty, bathe them in Lysol everyday”  “want your dad to pass the cholesterol test, feed  him Cheerios”. Might I suggest one of the many things required to protect your family? Keeping your dick to yourself.  And maybe your wife.  And if you feel compelled to share it, please, please, please learn to do it privately, so your child does not have to go through the humiliation. Or even better, don’t have kids.


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2 Responses to Epidemic of lousy fathers?

  1. YRS says:

    When i heard Mr Weiner running for Mayor I was in disbelief. How can this person think he is fit ( mentally, morally, intellectually ) for serving public office of the Mayor of one of the most well known city in the world? what kind of message does that send? I had a brief conversation with 3 women and I was surprised by their views – one said this was a personal matter between him and his wife, another said his views are very progressive – educated illiterate sort of thing going on here I’d say – and he supports several womens issues. Translated he has known enough women and is smart enough to come across as someone who truly believes in them and his habit of sex-ting is perhaps a side effect of a man in his position? To me this is worse then flip flopper’s. If you consistently show lack of judgment – forget morality for a second – and still think you are okay to run for public office there is something seriously wrong. The only way I can imagine this happening is that his wife, sort of as a punishment made him do it. Tiger woods dating Lindsey Vonn? What? Newtons third law does not hold true? if this is what kalyug looks like then I’m SOL!

  2. inessence1 says:

    A lot of people felt that way about Weiner, but clearly not enough 😉 I do like to think what people in office do in their personal life is not really as important to me as much as their record of doing and better for the society (Clinton) but Anthony Weiner…please, that guy is a joke! Carlos danger? but we are having this conversation 6 months too late. Strength of character is something that is lost in todays fast moving world. And I sound like a dinosaur.

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