Right To “Sin”

I heard yesterday on NPR that there were a few senators working towards a bill that would reduce or eliminate tax benefits to private insurance companies that pay for medically necessary and approved abortions. In this environment it is so hard to dismiss something as a rumor because most of the “issues” brought up between right and left are so ridiculous, they all seem like a parody on SNL skit – eg birthers.

Why the insurance companies have tax breaks in the first place or why is it that a woman’s right to have a say in what happens to her uterus or life really, is debatable – are both beyond me but this is not about either of those.

What I have trouble processing is that since when did it become ok to preach your religion to people outside your family. Since when did those Senators forget that we as people are, at best, their “work families” and not “personal families”. Why is it that they are so eager to push and implement their own values on to us. Wasn’t Church and State separated a few centuries ago? Why is this still such a big issue? If people want to sin (sin meaning – in their books – abortion), they have a right to. It is not the personal responsibility of the Senators and Congressmen to ensure “we the people” go to Heaven (if there is one, of course). We did not elect them to ensure our “moral development”, we have more than enough churches, mosques, temples and synagogues for that. We elected you to take care of our roads, our safety, our security, our infrastructure, our economy, our education, our quality of food, water and medicine, rules and regulations to make life easy and things essential  to life ACCESSIBLE to all- to say the least. If you have successfully tackled these issues and are sitting around and twiddling your thumbs, even then I would not allow you to take up my personal morality as your cause.  Do you live in a glass house?

 Are you done taking care of access to better health? How are you doing on limiting access to child porn, access to drugs, access to guns?  If all of that is a work in progress, leave my morality and my uterus alone.

At an individual level too – this whole thing about “not on my tax dollars” has gone a bit too far. Do you even know what percentage of your tax dollar is used for doing what?  I understand that we as people should hold the government accountable for the use of our tax dollars. But there are plenty of good causes to fight for that require a bigger portion of your tax dollar – safety, education and health.  Are we stuck in 3rd grade level? Compromise anyone?

Having said that, I am sure no such thing can be passed, mostly because of the strong muscle that the private insurance companies can flex.  And  that I still have immense faith in the intellect and judgment of President Obama.


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One Response to Right To “Sin”

  1. yrs says:

    hey ami –

    I recall seeing a pic on fb – “if i make my uterus a corporation will you stop regulating it?”

    Before I say anything further, I’d like to state that I agree with you completely, its a woman’s body and no one should have the right to dictate to her what she can or cannot do with it.

    I’d like to add just one thing. I wonder if there should be an educational component added to the process. Something similar to when a person gets behind the wheel of a car, starts pushing the speed limits, gets cited for it and the insurance companies give them a break if they take defensive driving lessons. I may be totally off as going through such a procedure could very well be a learning experience and there well may already be an optional seminar etc.
    some benefits i could think of:
    1) The person may come in contact (while attending a class) with others and may choose to open up about the experience, she could perhaps find emotional support, someone who can show empathy. A lot of people go to shrinks in this country, some cannot afford it and some do not have anyone to talk about it.
    2) There may be some new ways to prevent or a new law that may be relevant/helpful.
    3) This point may be controversial – the thought of having to attend a course and/or be seen by others could serve as a incentive to have the person be more careful?

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